Dec 28, 2009

- The past is part of what makes us who we are now -

It’s official.

I’ve killed several snails for the past couple of days and it is NOT for escargot. There’s no sauce of melted butter, garlic and whatnots. No point in garnishing snails that have been crushed on. Trust me when I say you won’t have the time to stop, crouch, and garnish said snails while at the same time trying to get some freaking air into you burning lungs.

In my defense, I say that it was dark when it happened those few times and I felt, honest to god, guilty. To top it off, the area where I jog does not have much light and the only light source comes from the lamp posts and the occasional trains that pass by. So maybe going jogging at 6am is not such a good idea the first time it happened but that’s the only timing I jog! After the first incident, I jogged with my eyes stuck on the ground. You know, to ensure that I avoid stepping another snail. Well, let’s just say I had a moment of vertigo within 30 minutes of doing it and decided to just stare straight ahead while praying very hard not to step on other snails.

My prayer wasn’t answered.

I am really sorry for killing them but it was not on purpose. I swear! To show my sincerity and that I meant every apology, here’s something to commemorate those snails I stepped on (which was not stepped on purpose!!)



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Dec 23, 2009

I have no motivation
For a thing called self learning
But if it is on baking and innovation
That's a whole different thing


It has been a while long time since I last graced this blog with my presence huh? Life has been crazy and it still is. As soon as school reopened, my life has been pretty much hectic; with all the assignments, projects and whatnots. I won't lie, but the past 2 months did not give me much time to have a life out of school. I've been living under a rock and my social life is totally non-existent unless you count the occasional sms from my friends (in which the different friends can be counted with one hand).

Anyway, I've been feeding my passion by baking every single day since Friday; like a sourdough starter where every single day it is fed with a dose of flour and the end result is always satisfying but for my case, it would be a daily dose of something to bake with the end result that is equally satisfying. The work is tiring; been waking up at 5 am and slept around 12 am to prepare the order of 400 brownies and cheesecakes. The only reason why I am not totally dead is because I am officially on my term break and I got one more term to go before I am DONE with school! Yeah baby!! No more lecturers, no more tutorials, no more presentations and here's the deal breaker, no more spending 3 hours on travelling to get educated!!!

I'm digressing as usual when I’m talking about school. ANYWAY, I managed to complete the order with the help of my little elves. Without them, I would currently be a walking zombie due to not getting any sleep at all. So, thanks Kak. Kaiyisah, Kak Saiyidah and Imran. You guys are the best and I could not have done it without you. So of course as a token of my appreciation, I did something for them as well [don’t let it be said I am an ungrateful human being ;-)]. Honestly? Doing this actually allowed me to try out one of my experiments and let me put my sketched decoration ideas into reality. What can I say, killing two birds with one stone is my forte. oh yeah, and my dearest and sweetest Kak. Saiyidah was willing to help me snap a few lot of pictures with her new DSLR.

Her baby + my babies = the following pics. ;-)

Thanks again Kak.Saiyidah! you're a gem!!

part of the brownies that were for my dad's x'mas company lunch. Ain't the flowers just the prettiest thing?

here's the rest of the designs I did. had to crack my brain to think of the designs. I was running out of options by the time I crumpled my 3rd paper of design ideas.



Here's a little something I did for my family for all their help and support. Don't let it be said I am a cold, ungrateful, heartless girl. HAH!


there's more.









thank you for everything everyone. I could not have done it without y'all! :-D

Oct 31, 2009

- Whoever came up with the phrase ' forgive and forget ' has a few loose screws. Personally, those two don't go along hand in hand unless you are a saint -

If this were given as a one word topic in the ‘O’ level English composition, I would have chosen it in a heartbeat. I could easily hit the minimum required words without any trouble but of course there would be nothing positive in it. Of course this is the point of view of a student who is stressed up with school work and wishes that school would just come to an end already.

Two weeks into school and I’m still dreading it each day. There are a couple of so many things I hate this semester till I don’t even know where to begin. Sure it’s good to be back rather than being cooped up at home but just the thought of going school makes me wish that I had a longer break than just those 3 months.

Things have been slow. Slow in adapting to school being back in session. Slow in the uptake of new information (school related obviously). Slow in accepting the changes and slow in many other departments that I can’t be bothered to list down.

But anyway, apart from being fucking bloody down, I just found out Starbucks are having their Christmas drinks!! My peppermint mocha is back baby! mmMmm….waited two whole freaking years for it and now it’s here. I’m going to drink it like I’m a deprived caffeine addict. Ok, maybe not so much of the caffeine but the peppermint, but saying deprived peppermint addict doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Not as nice as a deprived caffeine addict that is.


Oct 12, 2009

Being the better person

Minding our own business, the room was pretty silent except for the occasional sounds of trains passing by at different intervals. The silence allowed me to think about things that have been swimming in my mind for quite some time now.


Second chances.

Being the better person.


“Kak, do you think what I did was wrong?” I asked as a particular thought got me thinking, A LOT.

“He’s human farz. People make mistake. If god is capable of forgiveness no matter how big the mistake was, why can’t you do the same? After all, he was once your friend right? Forgive him and move on. Put the past behind you.”

What my sister said got me thinking. Once again, she was right (when has she ever not been right?). So, in the hopes of finally moving on and forgetting the past, I’m going to be the better person.

Here goes.

Aziz, I forgive you. You may be an idiot at times and god knows how much blood you have managed to suck out of me, but despite all that, I forgive you. I hope you figure out your life and straighten out your priorities. Have faith and don’t give up in your beliefs. I know you can achieve the things you want.

Oct 5, 2009

p!nk - family portrait

In our family portrait
(Can we work it out?)
We look pretty happy
(Can we be a family?)
We look pretty normal
(I promise I'll be better)
Let's go back to that
(Mommy I'll do anything)

In our family portrait
(Can we work it out?)
We look pretty happy
(Can we be a family?)
Let's play pretend
(I promise I'll be better)
Act like it goes naturally
(Daddy please don't leave)
Oh let’s go back to that

Sep 19, 2009

Whenever I play this video, I’ll find myself laughing so hard till my tears roll down my cheeks. IT’S JUST SO CUTE!! The video was recorded when he was 7years old. How time have passed by. I can’t believe that is seriously my brother; the annoyingly cute brother of mine that is growing up way too fast to my liking. I’ve found the perfect remedy for any emotional distress I’ll have in the future. Just watching the video makes me feel so much better. Though I prefer him back then for his vocabulary ain’t as big as now. Now, huh. His vocabulary can rival that of mine.

Sep 18, 2009

Just one

You know there’s always this list where people always put things they wish for? Like they wish for a car; wish for a miracle; wish to be given just one more minute with someone who has passed on and etc. Well, I got a confession to make. I just became one of those people. I don’t have a long wish list neither do I ask for anything that’s impossible to give but if one of my wishes do come true, even if it’s just one, I’d be the happiest girl alive.

I am not saying that I am not thankful for everything that has happened or been given to me. I am. I really am. But there are times where you just wish for something more. Something that would make you happier or more satisfied. It does not matter if that something is small or not so significant, but just knowing that it is of something you really want, that is gratifying enough.

'Nuff said about that. Anyway, here are my wishes. If at least one does come true, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


I wish that my dad would stop pretending

I wish that I my parents would be more supportive in me trying to make my dreams come true

I wish that my dad would not be so judgmental

I wish that people would take me seriously

I wish that my dad could spare me a minute of his time

I wish that my parents would wholly support my passion

I wish that my dad could at least show a shred of happiness towards my achievements

I wish that at least one of my wishes comes true.

Knowing that these are more or less what I am wishing for, I’d be more than happy to give up the rest of my wishes if it means that one of them will come true.

Just one.